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Social Media Farm Team.com March 5, 2009



Hello my name is Roney Smith and I live 15 minutes outside Atlanta, Georgia USA. This year my wife Wyteria and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. But guess what my biggest pet peeve and social media have in common? Everything!

After all these years, you would think that both of us have either come to terms with our individual shortcomings and our spouse’s but there is always one simple thing that raises my blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature whenever it occurs. It happens only when I enter our kitchen, look for a fork, spoon, knife, plate, or glass and then notice that none appear to exist. I then check our dishwasher and there is a huge convention going on and the gang is all there! But this is not enough to set me off.

It is the fact that there is dish washing detergent already placed within the dishwasher as well and the dish washing machine has simply not been turned on!!!! At this point, I am livid even if I was somehow the one who fully loaded the dish washer!  It has happened more than once:)

I am currently seeing the same dynamic at work all across the internet. There are many people and companies with great skills and talent, passionate to a radioactive level about their hobbies, interests, industry, and profession, and have a sense that technology can and will help them reach more customers and people interested in their endeavors, but they are stuck on the sidelines, dug out, or pit stop area while less talented people are eating their lunch day in and day out! I am just as livid at seeing this on display!

When I went online back in January 1994, one had to pay to send and receive e-mail. Now the idea of paying for e-mail within any manner even on a cell phone places one at risk of receiving a psychiatric examination or terroristic cavity search as if one did not wish to remove their shoes or tried to be a comedian in saying the word bomb within an airport or aboard an airplane at the most inappropriate time if there ever is an appropriate time.

Fast forward to the era we find ourselves within now. You may have the best widget available, the talent that far exceeds anyone on any continent, the most pleasant personality, and the most documented successes anyone could hope to obtain, but if no one knows about you and your abilities, they will become the customers of bureaucrats, yes men, and other people who simply care about the money while these short term thinking people are providing the product or service of your industry to people you should be serving. They will not display the excellence, drive, and nonstop passion that you have built up and acquired for years at your own cost. It is not a situation whether someone charges a lower price or not, but you are bogged down in poverty, anonymity, and disillusionment simply because you have played the game of life as one without any courage.

Together we are changing this already and want you to quickly decide whether you want to catch up or not. Each product and service is designed strictly for public relations professionals as well as those who have taken on the tasks of a publicist or public relations professional for themselves in their own endeavor.

We are not focused on the retail or wholesale dynamics of public relations. We are not imitating corporations that provide limited resources for a specific period of time and then determine to discontinue further activities upon how well the concept is received. This is who we are!

Since 1987, entrepreneurial activities have been undertaken to help people achieve their own goals and dreams whether it was within finance, marketing, business development, and other business functions. The only difference between now and then is that we are no longer encountering the routine stress that others face daily because the simple tweaks in our thinking and actions have harmonized to achieve the goals and dreams that were unimaginable years ago.

We want to quickly and assuredly show you a new world of change that we believe and see that only YOU can imagine with the empowerment that we equip you with. There is nothing metaphysical or touchy feely that we have to offer but we know that we can collapse your learning curves and compress time in your favor faster than you ever thought possible. We wish to partner with public relations professionals along with entrepreneurs and hobbyists to take you to your next level with a nuclear, chain reaction without any hype whatsoever.

You can even run your own internal tests against us. Create a new account on any service that you have access to or continue to use the various services that you have discovered and we will show you how to exceed your performance within a brand new account with information, resources, and strategies you have never been exposed or seriously considered to quickly prosper at a rate that you would not have obtained within a significant time frame on your own or through the assistance of anyone anywhere on the planet.

The source of our confidence is that we have done it for ourselves and have shared our strengths with friends and family although not all at once as we will with you. We are making some services available at a discounted rate not because of any economic hard times, but because we need to continue being a blessing to people that otherwise would have remained lower than their God-given skills and talents indicate.

A major reason for the costs associated with our services is that we wish to only work with professionals that will not waste our time or wish to seek to filter our strategies through the same logic that has not produced success for them previously and never will. If a client or team is successful already and things are going well, then by all means we should not be called upon for assistance. But if you instinctively believe that there is a higher level which your abilities and lifestyle scream for from within your DNA, then we want to bless and help you!

The chain reaction that we are releasing will simplify many business functions while raising the costs of entry because new participants that discover our offerings at a later time will have to be able to compete with existing companies on the existing companies’ terms versus the new participant’s terms. This fact alone combined with our full and mostly desired expectation that many will want to take a wait and see approach to working with us as well as kick the tires to delay their own potential success. But for those parties that receive a glimpse of the revelations that we have been exposed to will see their previous stresses and strains evaporate and melt away instantly.  Your change has clearly come!

Enough has been stated at this point in time, so here are the steps that you should take next.

  1. Join our network currently available for free at http://hobby2lobby.com. We will place updates, reviews, and other multimedia there in order to maintain a degree of monitored access to our content. On this site, you can see and join others who are actively engaged within a wide range of endeavors that require strategic social media in order to succeed beyond past, historic boundaries by adding your own audio, video, text, and other multimedia at will. We fully understand that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. There are unfortunately people that will attempt to leverage a portion of our chain reaction process and quickly encounter deep failure simply because they failed to comprehend the lifestyle and culture itself that makes the entire process work. We wish to limit and eliminate the opportunities for anyone to speak negatively of our strategies used or abused in a manner that we would never use them for ourselves. 



  2. Consider obtaining our 10 Commandments of Celebrity Social Media at a special introductory price. Regardless of your current popularity, many will quickly determine that your past, present, and future efforts (if left unchanged) have actually been the seeds designed to drive people away from you versus toward you.


  3. Consider retaining us through our Social Media Farm Team.com service offering and learn how, why, and when you should create one for yourself or your PR clients immediately upon learning of the concept. Again, we have a special, introductory service rate available. 
    Social Media Red Carpet.com

    Social Media Red Carpet.com

  4. Consider placing yourself upon and within our Social Media Red Carpet.com service. Far more effective than a simple press release, we will plant the seeds for you and/or your clients to be seen in an attractive and positive light among your interests. This service fully includes the Social Media Farm Team.com service as a bonus feature. 
    30 Minute Transformation

    30 Minute Transformation

  5. Consider allowing us to review one of your social networking profiles in order to provide you with specific steps to create a 30 Minute Transformation on how you can plant special seeds and cultivate a dynamic harvest faster than the rate of growth you are currently experiencing without our assistance.  This service fully includes the Social Media Farm Team.com service as a bonus feature. 

    2 Year Head Start.com

    2 Year Head Start.com


  6. Consider granting yourself our 2 Years Head Start.com service which is guaranteed to move your cheese and call into undeniable question the entire list of social media truths you currently are most likely violating while feeling fully justified and entitled to do so.This service is an ongoing service designed to hold your hands while quickly ushering you the available outer space for your endeavors and interests. The boost that you will receive will far exceed any assistance that you may have received from any corporation, boutique agency, or solo practitioner. We will absolutely create a perfect storm to work in your favor regardless of what you have been exposed to before and expand your reach among highly receptive audiences that you never knew existed. 

Again, we will work for you regardless of you having all responsibilities within your interests and company or whether you already have a client retained that you are looking to increase their visibility and profile acceptance.  Your clients will remain yours alone and we are your sub-contractor in such cases.

Our commitment and efforts are based upon our belief that through continuously planting our own seeds of gifts and talents increases the opportunities for our unique and innovative fruit to continue to be fully documented and produced worldwide.

Finally, we wish to plant some seeds of blessings into the lives of people that we encounter both online and off line. Recently I have had the opportunity to meet through Twitter a highly creative, young man that is desperate need of weight loss believed possible through the Lap Band procedure. It is my belief that without this procedure, this young man’s quality of life will greatly fall below what he is capable of obtaining otherwise.

Citizens of the United States of America have witnessed their tax dollars wasted around the world wrecklessly at a great exponential rate compared to what will make a multi-generational difference within this young man’s life and that of his future descendants.

We have also informed him that he needs to quickly establish the right organizational structure that will make his health plight more receptive to receiving outside assistance since no one wants to see any contributions of any amount potentially wasted in this day and time. To this effect, we are simply asking you to either contribute $5 USD to him directly or secure one of our services and we will make the contribution of $5 to his need of raising $18, 000 for the surgery.  We desire to see the goal reached as fast as possible and continue onward to be a blessing to other people.