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Prepaid Outbreak May 19, 2009


Hello, my name is Roney Smith and I live outside Atlanta, Georgia USA. I moved to Atlanta in 1990 to attend graduate school and I obtained my MBA degree in finance from Clark Atlanta University in 1995. Do you know one of the biggest breakthroughs within the telecommunications industry that almost did not happen? If you guessed the prepaid industry, then you are absolutely correct.

My first job in Atlanta was as a customer service representative for AT&T. We handled customer concerns from all over the world in the King & Queen Concourse Towers near I-285 and GA 400. Being that Atlanta was in the midst of great change with the winning bid for the 1996 Summer Olympics was announced, there was a dizzying, heightened sense of excitement that flowed whenever the City of Atlanta was ever mentioned worldwide. But at the same time, there was a new industry being born that global corporations such as AT&T were not willing to pay much attention to. The prepaid calling card business was just as invisible as any telephone conversation will ever be, but the innovation required to see the opportunity was simply beyond the reach of the company that created the telephone business in the first place.

I learned from watching small, nimble entrepreneurial companies launch and quickly scale to great success within the prepaid calling card that it is not always the large companies that are positioned to take advantage of such a dynamic idea. As an employee of AT&T back then, I saw that it only required an ability to look beyond the meal that you were eating to the plate in front of another person whether they are sitting at your table or somewhere else. If you see an opportunity that someone else appears to be enjoying, you are not handcuffed to your current meal even if it is still being prepared in the kitchen or your favorite foods of all time. Now that I am referring to an entrepreneurial opportunity, nothing is different!

Did you know that there are benefits from products and services considered so important that customers are willing to say “Here is my money. Just let me know when it will be ready”? Did you know that you have potential customers all around you this moment who are frustrated and suffering because the product or service they are thirsty for has not yet been introduced to them? Forget about showing the patience of an adult, you have future customers worldwide who will behave as crying toddlers and move aggressively enough to give you their money as others are lined up behind them kicking and screaming to do the same!!!

When the demand for such products and services are so high as within the one we have identified, your math skills are no longer important since you have a fire hydrant pouring you a glass of water! The question is not how much water or profits you need, but how much customers and services can you accept and provide? The fortunate thing in our case is that since the digital age is upon us, we do not have to create an infinite number of widgets by hand in order to make money. This is the working definition of an outbreak!!!!

While recognizing this new prepaid concept based upon my past experiences, I was tempted to see the prepaid opportunity for less than it is just as I was taught at AT&T. But the factor that has saved me like a lifeguard from becoming a drowning victim is that the prepaid economy can be applied to any business anywhere without regard to weather, time zone, and startup capital. As a matter of fact, I dare you to find a business that could not benefit for all parties involved a certain degree of prepaid financing. Customers are able to lock in the rates for the products and services, businesses are able to fund the creation, research and development, and distribution of their offerings, and employees are able to go to work comfortably knowing that their salaries will indeed be paid on time given that the payroll processing is properly done. With the high level of demand as you have already seen, a business can quickly grow and expand its geographical range wherever it decides to operate. Would you like to experience a positive outbreak within your business ventures for a change?

Here is our proposal to you: We have identified a prepaid business concept so incredible and receiving so much attention these days that we actually wish to keep it off the radar screens of larger companies just as was done in the early 1990s with the prepaid calling cards. The best thing that comforts us is if the secret were to leak out, the opportunity is so large that no company will ever be able to gain a monopoly on the concept. We believe that the wheels have already been invented and all that is necessary is pulling one or several off the rack, installing them, and going off to the races as quickly as possible!

Your homework assignment in the meantime is to pay for the small shipping and handling amount to receive some initial information we would like to send you on this opportunity and begin to write down some of your favorite subjects and hobbies. If you are able to list on paper several subjects and hobbies that interest you, you will be able to accelerate with our information and resources to a rate of speed that it will both scare you and comfortably stay within your control at the same time. We could only wish that we could record a video of your face when the proverbial lights are turned on for the very first time!

We wish that we could provide the information on the internet as with other information, but we have learned that there is no getting around of getting what you pay for. You would not be able to take our information as serious as you will even with the small $4.99 investment you will make just to see how far you can go with the business vehicle we are going to create with you. We consider our time to be just as important and know that we will be highly motivated to serve you and your customers if we did not bear the cost alone.

So click on the button provided below and complete your request to receive the overview of a prepaid concept that you will be able to either add to an existing business or join with us to quickly create a turnkey profit center where your customers will immediately see the value of your business or not waste your time!

We are so confident that you will see the tremendous, prepaid value yourself so quickly that we will provide you with a 50% discount on our other products and services found online for the rest of the current month upon receiving your request. There is no risk involved whatsoever if you are ready, willing, and able to dream and take action today!


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