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New Giveaway Opportunity: The 10 Commandments of Celebrity Social Media March 16, 2009

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Starting today, we will give away 1 copy per day of The 10 Commandments of Celebrity Social Media to a winner.

The 10 Commandments of Celebrity Social Media was released recently when the Social Media Farm Team.com extension and add-on was created. The commandments were written with celebrities and PR professionals in mind, but they will greatly improve the online experience of anyone seriously looking to socially network online.

In reviewing the Social Media Farm Team.com, you will begin to immediately understand the hows and whys some people excel at social media while others continually sabotage their own efforts.

To make it fair and interesting to new and existing members, just comment on this blog entry within the Hobbyist to Lobbyist Ning site with the active URLs of at least 5 different social networking sites where you have a profile.

One random comment will be selected and if that entry has at least 5 active URLs provided, then the entry will win.

To make a link active, simply use the commands at the top of the blog post to make the links clickable.

Best wishes and 1 entry will win per day!


Hobbyist To Lobbyist Transforms Hobbies Into Pro Business January 13, 2009

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Today is the release of Hobbyist To Lobbyist which helps individuals transform their hobbies into money making businesses.  

The transformation allows one to start with an interest that they are already well acquainted with and make the necessary changes to make a steady income as well as receive the professional status and recognition not available for amateurs.

We will place the latest news, information, and inspiration here in segments designed not to overwhelm anyone.

For more information, please visit the link above!